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About Us

Red Bird Rentals is a family-owned and operated business. The properties came to us from my grandparents. Papaw was known as Red Bird on the CB radio he enjoyed using (Mamaw's handle was Raw Hide, from an old TV western). They were born and raised in Menifee County, and moved to Ohio to work at Frigidaire after Papaw got home from World War II. 

When they retired, they came home and built the brick house on Myers Fork (currently rented long term). They also owned the log cabin on Barker Ridge, and raised gardens (corn, tomatoes, pumpkins, gourds, and strawberries) in what is now its yard. The original cabin, built by Lon and Lula Barker in the late 1800s, consisted of one large room. My grandparents had it moved a short distance from its original location to the current one. The added part of the cabin (now the kitchen and upstairs bedroom) is also quite old, and was brought from Pomeroyton, Kentucky. It was joined to the large room in the 1970s. The barn on the property, where we host weddings, was built in 1983.

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